it’s so much fun with my cousins and my friends  

Sophie Christmas

Sophie was walking on the roof when she heard a BIG CRASH.”What on ERATH was that”she cried .”It was mrs Claus  and her sleigh”she said . “Sophie “said mrs Claus.”I have run out of laughter and now I can’t deliver all the presents to all of…


Dear dad,                                                                                      …


Equivalent fractions are 2 fraction that are the same 1/2 in the same as 2/4

the weekend was so fun

the same as weekends are fun I never now that you can sit on the PlayStation all weekend !!!!:):):)

My Holidays :)

On he holidays I went to Wodonga for 10days .We had to go up there to see my gran and cousins  . It was so fun to see all of them :).For the rest of the  school holidays I watched TV played the drums and played with my friends.